Music for large ensemble

Leviathan (2020) – Symphony Orchestra – 2′15″

A finalist in the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra’s competition for A Fanfare for Ernest Read. Leviathan was one of the five pieces workshopped by the orchestra in March 2020.

Four Seascapes (2019) – Beginner String Orchestra – 10′

Written for Yorkshire Late Starters Strings and workshopped by them in October 2019. This piece is relatively simple and unchallenging.

Programme Note – Four Seascapes
The piece paints four different views of boats and the sea – first looking out from the safety of the shore, then watching a sea breeze playing with the rigging of a boat, before being tossed about by choppy waves and finally coming back to the harbour.
There are two viola parts and two cello parts in order to suit players with different levels of technical ability.

1          Shoreline
The piece opens with a series of waves breaking on the shore. A viola melody pierces through the wave texture which continues in the rest of the orchestra.
2          The Wind In The Rigging
This movement is active and quietly expectant. The musical lines swap quickly from section to section. The effect should always be light and playful.
3          Pitch and Roll
The music lurches up and down on choppy seas with sliding glissando effects, jazz scales and changes of time signature.
4          Harbour
The waves which opened the first movement return to close the piece, getting slower and ever more peaceful.