Premiere of To See The Light Of Day – 5th May 2018

Newnham College held an event on 5th May to celebrate the rediscovery of a lost portrait of Hubert Parry which had been found in the attics. Sarah was asked to write a short chamber piece to form part of the concert. Her piano trio To See The Light Of Day: Music For The Rediscovery Of A Portrait quotes Parry’s song You’ll Get There, a setting of words by the Trent Otter (the pseudonym of J.W. Martin, who wrote for The Fishing Gazette). Millicent Fawcett – Parry’s close friend and one of the founders of Newnham College – quotes the second verse of the poem in her book The Women’s Victory and After, so the song provided a musical link between Parry and the college. The piece was premiered by Sophia Ramnarine (cello) and Susanna Alsey (violin) with Sarah at the piano, and together they also played the second movement of Parry’s own Piano Trio in B minor. Voices of Newnham sang You’ll Get There before the premiere.

Sarah had discovered the song in this BBC Radio 3 clip, presented by David Owen Norris, who very kindly provided Newnham with the sheet music for You’ll Get There.

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